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Event Message in Premiere Pro : ISO Problem - ISO not found in available List and cannot be copied

It results from a copy/paste of the Source Settings effect. ISO List can be different between 2 different BRAW clips. If you copy an effect from a BRAW to another and the ISO lists are different, you could get this warning message.
It is harmless, and just here to warn the user that the ISO applied could not be the same than the one copied.
The problem is that the message will come again if you never go to the Source Settings effect.
If you want to remove this message, you can just go to the Source Settings effect of the mentioned clip and change the ISO (even if you change it and return to the same value) so you will be sure the message will not come back anymore.
Next time, use the Source Settings from the BRAW Studio Panel : Select your clip, click on the Copy button at the top, select your other clip(s) and click on Paste !
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