BRAW Studio

Fully-featured Blackmagic RAW Importer plugins for Adobe CC


First you have this YouTube Quick Start Tutorial to guide you through BRAW Studio. Also this tutorial for the Premiere Pro Panel. We have more short YouTube tutorials about BRAW Studio features, watch them here ! Here are the most important articles to follow :


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General and Licensing

You can find all of this information on the Overview of BRAW Studio page. Also, don't forget to regularly check for updates and read the Changelog of BRAW Studio !
You can use our official uninstaller located in the usual BRAW Studio install folder
! Download it here
If it didn't work here's the manual process to do so :
1. Exit All adobe softwares
2. Delete this folder :
(Windows) C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore\BRAW Studio
(macOS) /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/7.0/MediaCore/Autokroma BRAW Studio
3. Delete folder named com.autokroma.brawStudioPanelVisible in this folder (delete also com.autokroma.brawStudioPanelHidden if you find it !) :
(Windows) C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions
(macOS) /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions
4. Relaunch your Adobe softwares
If you performed a manual installation of BRAW Studio yourself you need to look for "BRAW_Studio" and delete all related files !
Please update BRAW Studio to the latest version, as there is no 500 frames trial anymore since version 2.7.0 because decoding is now FREE ! If you converted some .braw files for proxies or into another codec (or exported a Premiere Pro project containing .braw video) before entering the license, you'll need to reconvert them again with the latest version of BRAW Studio because
the trial image is burned forever
in them (BRAW Studio is not running anymore to make the proxies, it's inside the file)
Yes we have plenty of free features in our FREE version, please read more about BRAW Studio FREE in this article
You are trying out our Premiere Pro Panel (a Premium feature) ! The fully FREE way to access and modify BRAW Settings is through the Source Settings (similar to the Blackmagic RAW plugin from BMD).
If you wish to use the latest V2, please refer to this article.
One license is for the same user on up to two computers not used at the same time. For example you can do macOS + Windows not at the same time, or your professional computer and your personal laptop not used at the same time.
Our installers are not viruses, but some AntiVirus software (Windows Defender, Norton AV, McAfee, Bitlocker etc.) sometimes produce false positive because of their probabilistic detection algorithms and the fact that we're using a very common library to create our installers. We regularly check our installers with too and there are never more than 1 or 2 AV producing a false positive. If that happens to you, please report this as a false positive to your AV software vendor ! You can disable the AV for the installation process, then re-enable it.
Yes : BRAW Studio used to be available in two different licenses for different uses, but it was recently merged into the same license in Version 2 so now you'll get access to BRAW Studio on all Adobe applications. Don't forget to update to get the latest version.
Please download and install the latest Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable. Here's a direct link to vc_redist.x64.exe : download, double click on it and pursue installation.
Please make sure your system fits the requirements written on our Overview page. If you wish to be able to use BRAW Studio on an older unsupported macOS version, please refer to this article.
In this article you will be able to download legacy versions of BRAW Studio in case you can't update your macOS version or have to use an older version of Adobe.
On Windows you should run your cmd.exe or Powershell in Administrator Mode, then run BRAW Studio installer executable with the /S argument, for example in Powershell : ./"BRAW Studio v2.1.2 Installer.exe" /S if you're in the extracted folder from the downloaded zip.
WARNING : if you have Blackmagic RAW Adobe plugins installed, it will uninstall them without asking you for confirmation (since there is no GUI here) and will redirect you to a webpage explaining the incompatibility between the two plugins.
Same goes for the uninstaller but you'll also need to specify the -Uninstall_BRAW_Studio argument.
If you want to be sure that the installer / uninstaller exit automatically without user confirmation you should run the .exe like this instead start "Autokroma" /wait /b "PathToInstallerOrUninstaller.exe" /S

If you also need a command line installer for macOS, please contact us and tell us !


Of course ! Now BRAW Studio has a FREE version (when no license was registered), so just tell them to install BRAW Studio : they will be able to import and color grade .BRAW footage just fine. They won't have access to the same Premium features you have access to, but all the basic features are here, and they won't have bugs from the BMD plugins.
You can export proxies and convert (Right click -> Export Media) your .BRAW directly from Adobe Premiere Pro and it will open up Media Encoder for conversion. If you converted your proxies before entering the license, you'll need to reconvert them again with the plugin licensed because
the trial image is burned forever
in them (BRAW Studio is not used anymore to make the proxies!)
.BRAW imported into Adobe Media Encoder are decoded by default with the "Camera Metadata" setting, like on DaVinci Resolve. This means that it will try to read the .sidecar next to your .braw to apply the color grade. If it can't find it, it will use the settings from your Camera when you shot the footage. If you changed the .sidecar after importing the footage, it will keep the same old .sidecar values until your restart Media Encoder / Premiere Pro.
When you send a project or a .braw clip from Premiere Pro to Media Encoder's render queue, it will act as a dynamic link between the two softwares; this means the render will look
exactly the same as it looked like on Premiere Pro
(i.e. it will take Exposure, ISO, Color Balance, Contrast etc. from the Source Settings). See previous answer if you import your .braw from Media Encoder's UI
No, you need to click "Update Sidecar" in order to create or update the .sidecar files. Please note that you might need Administrator Rights for some folders where you don't have permissions to write !
The option to decode your .BRAW with a LUT integrated in the official BRAW SDK color grading is not there when there is no "Embedded" (inside the BRAW file) or "Sidecar" LUT available. It depends on how you setup your Blackmagic camera / device before shooting. However, there is a workaround if you didn't set it up while shooting. In the BRAW Studio Panel, there is a button "Extract Embedded LUT" so you can export the LUT in any .BRAW footage which contains one. Then with the "Add LUT To Sidecar", you can apply the extracted Embedded LUT to the other BRAW files which don't contain any LUT yet !
No they are fully incompatible. More information here : BlackmagicRaw Plugin and BRAW Studio - What's the difference ?. Please note we are only talking about the Adobe plugins from Blackmagic RAW. You can use Blackmagic RAW Player and the thumbnail previewer along with BRAW Studio there's no incompatibility, here is an article to help you install it !

Premiere Pro Issues

You should make sure you don't have Blackmagic RAW Adobe plugins installed because they will conflict with BRAW Studio and prevent you from reconnecting your .braw
It can come from different issues. Let's see here the different things you should check :

Step 1 : Convert your Project

If you started your project with the Blackmagic Plugin, then the project needs to be converted to BRAW Studio to be stable.
You can check this article to know how to do that.

Step 2 : Reset your Plugin Cache

In rare cases, Premiere Pro saves some old information about the plugin which makes it unstable with newer versions ..
To clean the Plugins cache, please start Premiere Pro and maintain the "Shift" Key pressed. You should get a message "Are you sure you want to reset your plugin caches ?" : answer Yes !

Step 3 : Clean your Media Cache

Open a new empty project in Premiere Pro, and then in the top menu : "Edit" -> "Preferences" -> "Media Cache.." : click on the "Delete.." button and then select "Delete all media cache files from the system."

Step 4 : If the previous solutions did not work

Contact us
with a Bug report
! Here is an article which will show you how to generate this bug report ! Remember to
reproduce the crash
with logs enabled before to send us the zipped logs !
Contact us here !
This is a bug from Adobe with plugins and cache. Please start Premiere Pro and maintain the "Shift" Key pressed. You should get a message "Are you sure you want to reset your plugin caches ?" : answer Yes !
In old versions of Premiere Pro (before 14.3 version) there was a bug where the timecode is misinterpreted and shifted through time. It should only affect NTSC framerates (23.96 and 29.97 fps). We developed the BRAW Studio Panel to fix this ! We recommend using the "Export Corrected XML" feature.
The short answer is : because you are using Merged Clips, the BRAW Studio Panel opened and selection is not fixed. Check the workarounds below to know what to do !

The detailed Reason Behind the "Bug" : Merged Clips

In the BRAW Studio Panel, we need to get the filepath from the current selection (which can be from the timeline OR from the Project Panel).
If it is a BRAW file, then we accept it and it can work with the panel.
The problem comes with Merged Clips : Premiere Pro doesn't give us the different filepaths inside the Merged Clips selected.
So a workaround for this in our side is to export the Merged Clip as FCP XML (which is internally considered as a sequence but which we can't directly see what is inside), and then take the filepath from this XML.
It is done quite quickly, but we can't avoid Premiere Pro to save the project while exporting the FCP XML .. (That's why you get a "Save Popup").
We only do it once per Premiere Pro project for each Merged Clip Project Item, otherwise it would save the project each time you select the item.

Solutions / Workarounds

Solution 1 : Avoid Merged Clips

One of the best workaround is to not use Merged Clips. I imagine that could be a problem for some editors which are used to work with Merged Clips in their workflow though.
In our opinion it makes Premiere Pro less safer in term of stability .. For example there are problems while using the Project Manager (project consolidation). Also there is no "Un-merge" solution ...

Solution 2 : Select all Merged Clips first

You can choose to select all your clips first. After this if you don't add new Merged Clips there will be no save popup due to Merged Clip anymore for this project. It could be easier in the Project Panel, but can also be done in the timeline (hit Ctrl(Cmd for Mac) + A !)
In that case, you will see all the "save popup" multiple time but all in once. It could take some time depending on how many BRAW clips you have.

Solution 3 : Use the "Fix Selection" button

You can fix the selection in the BRAW Studio Panel. In the first Source Settings tab, there is a button available when you select a BRAW file : "Fix Selection".
Then, when clicking on other clips the selection will not be updated, and so you should not get the "save" popup anymore.

Solution 4 : Do not open the BRAW Studio Panel

If you open Premiere Pro / Your project and don't open the BRAW Studio Panel (in case you don't need to access its features), then the selection will not be updated in this panel and so no "save" popup. Note : if you just close the panel, it could not be enough (because Premiere Pro doesn't unload the panel when it is closed) and you will need to restart Premiere Pro.
If you're using Premiere Pro 2020 it might be a bug from Adobe : Premiere Pro Timeline Shifts (or First Frame) After Moving Project or Relinking Footage. If you modified the "Media Start" timecodes of your .BRAW you might suffer from an Adobe hidden behavior, please read this article : How do I avoid the Shift Issue in BRAW Studio. So you need to ask yourself two questions : 1) Am I using 2020 version ? 2) Did I modify the timecodes of my footages ? You could have both issues at the same time, but you need to study both issues separately if you want to make sure you fix both !
It results from a copy/paste of the Source Settings effect. ISO List can be different between 2 different BRAW clips. If you copy an effect from a BRAW to another and the ISO lists are different, you could get this warning message.
It is harmless, and just here to warn the user that the ISO applied could not be the same than the one copied.
The problem is that the message will come again if you never go to the Source Settings effect.
If you want to remove this message, you can just go to the Source Settings effect of the mentioned clip and change the ISO (even if you change it and return to the same value) so you will be sure the message will not come back anymore.
Next time, use the Source Settings from the BRAW Studio Panel : Select your clip, click on the Copy button at the top, select your other clip(s) and click on Paste !
You might have disabled all audio or video tracks, please be sure at least one of each are enabled before brining the footage in the timeline, see this image :
PPro EnableVideoTrack
This error message means that you opened a Premiere Pro project that was using Blackmagic's Adobe plugins for Blackmagic RAW, and now you don't have that plugin installed anymore so it cannot find the Source Settings effect linked to each .BRAW in your Premiere Pro project.
The simplest to fix this issue to install again Blackmagic Design's Adobe plugin. If you're now using BRAW Studio you will have a missing Source Settings filter in the Master tab of your .BRAW and won't be able to retrieve your Source Settings color grade.
This error message means that you opened a Premiere Pro project that was using Autokroma BRAW Studio plugins, and now you don't have our plugin installed anymore so it cannot find the Source Settings effect linked to each .BRAW in your Premiere Pro project.
The simplest to fix this issue to install again BRAW Studio.

PrPro / AME Image rendering

The way Source Settings works in Premiere Pro is to modify all instances of the same clips on all timelines, so any change will affect all instance of the same .braw imported. This is only an issue on Premiere Pro because on After Effects you have the Layer Settings filter that is applying the RAW parameters on the current layer and not the source.
The best way to apply different RAW settings on the same footage on Premiere Pro is to use the BRAW Studio Panel feature
: "Set New Source". You just need to select a clip and click on the button in the BRAW Studio Panel !More information and youtube tutorial here !If you want to do it manually, you have 2 choices : 1. Import the same footage many times (as much as you need different color corrections on this footage) and change each Source Settings 2. Or Use the "SubClip" feature, see this article :
  • Import your braw footage
  • In the "Source Monitor" panel, choose the bounds to your first "Sub Clip"
  • Right click in the Project panel in your footage and select "Make Subclip"
  • After this : you will have a new source in the project (the subclip) with different RAW Parameters.
Most probably because you opened your Premiere Pro project with BlackmagicRaw plugin from Blackmagic Design installed and used to decode .braw instead of BRAW Studio ! More information in this article : BlackmagicRaw Plugin and BRAW Studio - What's the difference ?. And don't forget to update BRAW Studio !
We have seen a lot of errors coming for Adobe. Pleas try to switch your rendering engine to "Software" in your project settings. On macOS you can also try "Metal" instead of "OpenCL"
Please make sure you don't have the Global FX Toggle turned on!
Please read this Adobe Blog post : Red, yellow, and green render bars and what they mean. We noticed that with .braw you can't add other effects on top (like Lumetri) without cancelling any cache renders, it will always go back to the Red color when you relaunch Premiere Pro.
You need to change the Sequence Settings of your timeline, and tick the checkbox "Maximum Bit Depth" under "Video Previews".
Note that this option should decrease your playback performances !
This behavior is for the previews you have in your playback ! If you want the same behavior in your render you will need to Render using maximum bit depth too (option available in the Premiere Pro Media Export popup).
Premiere Pro uses 8 bits by default for previewing any files for better performance.
If you want to preview your files in 32 bits, you need to go to your sequence settings and tick the checkbox "Maximum Bit Depth" under "Video Previews".
Note that this option should decrease your playback performance !
When exporting, you will need to tick the "Use Maximum Render Quality" checkbox. If you don't do it, the BRAW frames will be rendered with 8 bits quality.
Note that even if your output final format is 8 bits, using "Maximum Render Quality" (and 32bits BRAW rendering) can change the visual aspect especially when using some effects on your BRAW clips !

PrPro BRAW Studio Panel

At the top menu bar, click on Window -> Extensions -> BRAW Studio Panel to open it !
You need to select "DecodeUsing" -> "Custom A" (or "Custom B") to be able to set the other parameters below. Gamma Controls like Saturation, Contrast, ... are only available if Gamma is set to Blackmagic Design Film, Blackmagic Design Extended Video or Blackmagic Design Custom.
The panel could be not well initialized. At the bottom of the Panel, please try to hit the "Reload Panel" button. Note that for Premiere Pro CC 2018 12.0 it's normal, you will need to click inside the Panel to update its content. If you still have the problem, please send us some logs !
You can select up to 100 clips at the same time and then for all of them you can : apply a preset, reset to Camera Metadata / BRAW Default, or Export / Load the Sidecar.

After Effects

Yes BRAW Studio for After Effects supports 32 bpc if you configure your project in 32 bpc.
After some tests in our side, "Floating point" could be displayed but then After Effects would always ask for 32bits to be rendered, even if "8bits" or "16bits" is selected in Project Settings. This would involve performance issues because 32bits takes more time to be rendered. Same for "Trillion of Colors" : 16bits would be always asked for 8bits and 16bits and that would also involve performance issues. For us, the current behavior is the best : if you configure your project in 8bits, then After Effects will ask 8bits to our importer, and same respectively for 16bits and 32bits. Sadly, the description will stay as "Million of Colors" even if it's true only in 8bits.
It should come from cache issues ! If you have changed the .sidecar file of the BRAW file : check this article to know more about this problem. Otherwise, contact us here !

Shooting BRAW

There is a good website for that, check it out !

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