PlumePack collects your PrPro projects & trim medias to make it lightweight : Trim, Archive, Organize and more!
  • How To Update Plugins : download and install the usual way and it will update automatically, replacing old plugins with newer versions.
  • How To Uninstall Plugins : download and go into the "Uninstall Plugins" folder to find the Uninstaller. Don't forget to tick the Uninstall PlumePack checkbox !


Launch with ProRes, BRAW, R3D, Cineform etc.
Feb '21
Trimming of H264, H265, cDNG, Images Sequence
Apr '21
Multiple Parts Trimming, More PrPro items supported
Jul '21

1.2.4 (Current version) - 31 August 2021

  • Fixed :
    • With Basic Licence, Trimming was not automatically disabled and it was involving error when launching PlumePack process
    • For videos with shorter audio stream than video stream Trimming was not always working (file was copied instead)
    • Fixed issue when replacing media with attached proxy on Premiere Pro version before 14.5
    • On Premiere Pro 14.0, Network project filepaths were on error
    • Total Project Size displayed in the analysis could be wrong when "Removed Unused Files" was not checked

1.2.3 - 21 August 2021

  • Fixed :
    • When using the same project item multiple times or when having different audio/video clip length in timeline, the "InPoint" and "OutPoint" computation could be wrong, resulting on trimmed files too short and stripes on some timeline items
    • Some trimmed wav files could involved "Replacement Error" in the final Report and a final "Critical Error" state
    • Critical Error when a Project Shortcut was present in the processed project
    • Very big projects could make the panel restart while consolidating due to memory issues. Memory used by PlumePack has been optimized and reduced for that
    • Not trimmed because used in a Merged Clip reason was not displayed on analysis and final report

1.2.2 - 12 August 2021

  • Improvements:
    • Loading feedback added for Sequences Dropdown List
    • Loading of the panel on big projects is faster
  • Fixed :
    • When a unknown trim problem was happening, it could involve the full process to fail. Now the file which is in trimming error is copied instead and the process ends normally
    • Issues while analysing project in really special conditions, resulting in errors while copying and trimming
    • AVI Trimming issue in rare conditions

1.2.1 - 08 July 2021

  • Improvements:
    • R3D 8.0.3 library used
    • Trimming supported for AVI container which can be used for the supported codecs Cineform, HAP, MPEG-2 (XDCAM) and Motion JPEG
    • When using the "Keep only Chosen Sequence and Deps" option, the consolidation process is much quicker on some projects
  • Fixed :
    • Error in panel when trimming some R3D files and BRAW files from 1.2.0
    • Error in panel when filepath contained special characters
    • H264 Trimming with mp4 container and uncompressed Audio
    • Some H.264 interlaced files were changed after trimming in some ways that they could be not well interpreted by some NLEs or Players

1.2.0 - 02 July 2021

  • New Trim Features:
    • New default behavior: Multiple output parts for one file. Better optimization of how clips are trimmed when coming from the same source. Really useful for interviews, conferences, long continuous shootings etc.!
    • New option : "Force One Output File per Input File": Gives access to old trim behavior, only one trimmed file is created for each media based on min/max use along the project.
    • New option : "One Output File for Each Timeline Clip" for a specific kind of workflow, which needs that every timeline clip comes from a unique media source (even if duplicated)
    • Support clips with Speed Changed, Speed Reversed.
    • Support clips with Footage Interpreted
    • Support Subclips without hard boundaries
    • H264 is no more a "Beta Codec", and so doesn't need anymore the "Trim New Codecs in Beta" option for being trimmed.
  • New Copy Features:
    • Merged Clips, AEgraphics and AE comps are now automatically relinked into Premiere Pro. For AE Comp, media dependencies are copied but not relinked into the AE comp for now
  • Other Improvements:
    • Introducing PlumePack Factors : 3 numbers to evaluate how much PlumePack reduces the size of your project
    • More informations available per media in the Panel Analysis
    • Media infos in Analysis and Sequence names in the Sequence Dropdown are now sorted by alphabetical order
    • BRAW 2.1 library used for Trimming
  • Fixed :
    • Error when "Re-encode Audio if necessary" Trimming options was disabled
    • Error when the project was on some kind of network drive in Windows
    • Error when some pictures were imported from Premiere Rush
    • Error when DNxHD with alpha channel was trimmed
    • Error when project was exported at the root folder of a disk
    • Error when audio music file was containing the cover image
    • Error when Premiere Pro bin name finished with a dot
    • BRAW Files could not be trimmed if recorded as SlowMotion with Audio length different than Video

1.1.2 - 12 May 2021

  • Fixed :
    • Error when active project was changing during the consolidation process.
    • Error when aegraphics or AE composition item was usused and "Remove Usused Items" option was set to false
    • Conflicts issues when BRAW Studio Panel and PlumePack Panel were both opened at the same time.

1.1.1 - 29 April 2021

  • Fixed : PlumePack had an error when Preview Files were missing.

    1.1.0 - 16 April 2021

    • New Codecs supported for Trimming :
      • Image Sequence (.PNG, .JPG, .TIFF etc.)
      • .DNG CinemaDNG Image Sequence with .WAV sound
      • Files with closed captions if "Drop Metadata Stream" user option is enabled. The closed captions will be lost but the file will be trimmed. Contact us if you need to keep them in the trimmed files.
      • The following are only added in Beta for now, you will need to enable the new Beta user option to test then. Please send us your feedback !
      • [.MOV, .MP4, .MXF] H.264 AVC
      • [.MOV, .MP4, .MXF] H.265 HEVC
      • [.MOV] Apple QuickTime Animation RLE
      • [.MOV] XDCAM
    • New Features :
      • User option for Beta test : to be able to test trimming on new codecs !
      • User option : "Trim InPoint when rounding issues on clip". This issue only happen when your media framerate is different than the sequence framerate : some frames (not all) could be shifted to the next or previous one. You can disable this option to get the exact same frames before and after. More information in the Panel documentation tab.
      • Premiere Pro support extended, now compatible from v14.0 (first version of 2020)
      • Target .prproj folder is automatically opened in Windows Explorer / macOS Finder when PlumePack is finished
      • User options preferences are now saved from one session to another and you can reset the option to their default values with a new button
    • Improvements :
      • Global stability
      • Project Analysis is much faster and has an improved design
      • An error on one file has less chance to stop the whole process
      • There are now quick tooltips to understand what each option does
      • Offline files not found on disk are now mentionned in the Analysis details and report
      • UI final feedback improved
      • Updated to BRAW SDK version 2.1.beta4, supporting new .BRAW files from latest BMD Cameras and Video Assist
      • .BRAW2 Dual Card files are now copied along the source .BRAW file (like for RED .R3D files)
    • Fixed :
      • Some projects were stucked during Analysis, and the project is not saved multiple times per sequence anymore
      • PlumePack was not working on some projects with MultiCam Clips or MultiChannel Audio tracks
      • Some files could be not trimmed because of Audio AAC
      • Do not show MultiCam clip in sequence dropdown list
      • .R3D footage with multiple files was failing while relinking
      • .DNG with .WAV sound were impossible to copy
      • Logs created on big projects failed to be created

    1.0.2 - 08 March 2021

    • Bug fixed : when using PlumePack in TRIAL mode, the Analysis was not showing the trimming capabilities (always 0 media to trim)

    1.0.1 - 01 March 2021

    • Bugs fixed :
      • Fixed : previous 1.0.0 was not working since 1st March due to the old Beta time limitation code
      • Fixed : Audio .WAV Trimming
      • Fixed : Panel error when starting Premiere Pro with PlumePack immediately displayed (restarting the Panel was needed)

    1.0.0 - 16 February 2021

    • First Release of PlumePack for Windows and Mac - Adobe Premiere Pro from 14.4
    • Trimming of your media files (PlumePack Premium license) :
      • Removing unused frames in the current project and replacing the project Items, keeping the original codec and quality for the used frames
      • Auto Trim Control : check for any lost metadata or important properties
      • Supports Premiere Pro Transitions
      • User Option : Disable Trim and copy files instead
      • User Option : Handle to add more frames (from 0 to 1000) at the bounds of the trimmed footages, before the in point and after the out point, just in case you need to slightly re edit afterwards
      • User Option : for video footage with compressed audio, trim video and re-encode the audio stream
      • User Option : for video footage with unknown Metadata streams (like GPS coordinates in GoPro), trim video anyway and drop the metadata stream
    • Container / Codecs available for Trimming
      • [.MOV] Apple ProRes (XQ, 4444, HQ, Normal, LT, Proxy) with and without Alpha
      • [.MOV] Apple ProRes RAW
      • [.BRAW] Blackmagic RAW
      • [.R3D] RED R3D
      • [.MOV] Cineform
      • [.MOV] DNxHD
      • [.MOV] Vidvox HAP
      • [.WAV] Linear PCM (Uncompressed)
      • Want more? Contact us!
    • Clean your project :
      • User Option : Remove any unused Project Item
      • User Option : Choose a sequence and Copy/Trim from it (removing anything which is not in this sequence OR in the nested subsequences of this choosen sequence)
    • Trimmed / Copied media will be organized in the final folder following Premiere Pro Project Panel bins structure
    • Full report generated at the end of the PlumePack Process
    • You can first analyze your project and check in details what PlumePack will do for the full process

    If you're running Apple silicon (latest M1 CPU) please read our article about compatibility with Adobe !