After Effects

Why is it not written "Floating point" or "Trillion of Colors" instead of "Millions of Colors" in After Effects Importer description ?

After some tests in our side, "Floating point" could be displayed but then After Effects would always ask for 32bits to be rendered, even if "8bits" or "16bits" is selected in Project Settings. This would involve performance issues because 32bits takes more time to be rendered. Same for "Trillion of Colors" : 16bits would be always asked for 8bits and 16bits and that would also involve performance issues. For us, the current behavior is the best : if you configure your project in 8bits, then After Effects will ask 8bits to our importer, and same respectively for 16bits and 32bits. Sadly, the description will stay as "Million of Colors" even if it's true only in 8bits.
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