PlumePack collects your PrPro projects & trim medias to make it lightweight : Trim, Archive, Organize and more!
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Premiere Pro Supported Items

Trimming :

  • PlumePack will take into account the transitions and the different framerates of your media and sequences to trim
  • MultiCam Clips are working, processed like Nested Sequences
  • Supported Scenarios:

    • SubClips
    • Speed changed, reversed clips
    • Media Interpretation changed
  • Plumepack cannot yet trim in the following cases (contact us if you need this) :

    • Merged Clips
    • Time Remapping enabled
    • Media used inside an After Effects Composition
  • Proxies will not be trimmed, are detached automatically and won't be present in your final project
If you're running Apple silicon (latest M1 CPU) please read our article about compatibility with Adobe !