Influx will allow you to import all kinds of audiovideo files directly and natively into Premiere Pro, Media Encoder , After Effects and Audition
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Main Features

Native import directly inside Adobe CC Video

    No need to go through an external transcoding software anymore ! Saves you time, disk space and hassle
    Import and edit in Premiere Pro
    Process your footage directly in After Effects
    Export your PrPro and AEfx projects in Media Encoder, as well as transcode your files directly from AME
    Edit your audio directly in Adobe Audition in new containers, audio and video codecs, without re encoding or remuxing

Wide range of new formats and codecs supported :

    Formats : Matroska .MKV (eg files recorded through OBS Studio) / .WebM, Microsoft .AVI, Quicktime .MOV, .360 GoPro, Windows Media .WMV (also works on macOS), Flash .FLV, Bink .BIK, DVD-Video .VOB, Motion-JPEG .MJPG, .OGV .3GP .Y4M
    Video codecs : AV1, Vidvox Hap / Hap Q with Alpha or not, FFV1 for Archiving, VP9, VP8, Canopus HQ, all commons codecs such as H264 / H265 / HEVC and image formats such as .QOI .JPG .PNG .TIFF
    Audio codecs : .FLAC, .OPUS, .OGG Vorbis, .DTS DTS-HD Master Audio, .AC3 Dolby AC-3, .AIFF, .MKA, .WMA Windows Media, .SPX Speex

Constantly updated !

Enjoy the exact same set of features and results on both macOS and Windows and all Adobe versions supported (2019 to 2024), easy switch your projects between multiple OS and avoid worrying about compatibility and Adobe updates breaking your projects.

We're here to fix your issues and update Influx.

Contact us for any feedback and feature request !

If you're interested in supporting MLV Magic Lantern RAW please read this article and this article for Blackmagic CinemaDNG and let us know by contacting us if those new codecs are important for you.