CinemaDNG (Compressed from Blackmagic cameras) : How to Import natively into Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Media Encoder

October 18th, 2021
In this article you'll learn how to import natively into Adobe applications (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Media Encoder) Blackmagic's variant of Adobe CinemaDNG .DNG image sequence files, without any extra step of conversion
CinemaDNG is a reference (.DNG) file standard for RAW photo recording, that is widely available in most photo cameras. Blackmagic implemented in recent firmware a variant of CinemaDNG that allows for lossless compression of each computed frame, but that variant is not officially supported by Adobe, so you will get "Unsupported file format" error for example if you try to import the files. Usually the workaround to import them into Adobe apps is to transcode them into other files formats. This process is lengthy and can lead to some conversion quality loss, sometimes cancelling the benefits of shooting RAW.
Influx is a new importer for Adobe CC (Premiere Pro, After Effects and Media Encoder) that brings new formats, containers, extensions and codecs directly into your favorite Adobe application.
We would like to add support for .DNG CinemaDNG from Blackmagic into Influx, so that you can import directly Blackmagic .DNG footage into Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Media Encoder : you'll be able to edit, encode and compose with Blackmagic .DNG without any extra step.
To do this, we need YOUR help by sending us your test footages. We need footages of different framerates, different encoding options, different lenses etc. Please contact us to send us file footage (Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer etc.) : You can contact us on our Contact page. You can also answer to our post directly on Blackmagic official forum here
Thank you for your help !

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