How to License AfterCodecs

by Antoine on June 29th, 2019
In this article you'll learn how to access the Encoding options of AfterCodecs and how to license it in order to remove the trial limitations!

How to Install

Download and follow instructions from this page and only tick the AfterCodecs checkbox if you're not interested in our other plugin BRAW Studio.
Installer AfterCodecs Windows 1
Installer AfterCodecs MacOS 1
Here are the steps after downloading the plugin and testing the free trial :

Retrieve License after Purchase

After purchasing AfterCodecs (Fast Exporter for Adobe CC) (or even BRAW Studio, another plugin we develop to import Blackmagic RAW in Adobe CC) you need to retrieve your license. If you bought it here on this website you should have received the code on the purchase confirmation page and by email; for example it would look like this:
FastSpring AfterCodecs
Please copy in the clipboard the text in bold blue. If you can't find the email we sent you with the license you can request we send you again the license on this page.
If you bought it on aescripts + aeplugins, a different reseller, please follow this article.

How to License AfterCodecs in After Effects

There are two ways to access the Settings menu of AfterCodecs: the quickest is the top menu "Composition" -> "AfterCodecs Settings":
AfterCodecs AE Settings
But in your regular workflow you will access it the same way you access the AfterCodecs Encoding options (but you'll need to click the "Settings" tab). To do that, click on the Output Module Settings in any item in your render queue, then select "AfterCodecs" as the format and click the button as on this screenshot:
AfterCodecs AE Format
Once you are in the Settings tab of AfterCodecs, simply paste the license key in the text area seen in this screenshot:
AfterCodecs Settings
If you're on Mac OSX you can use the "Paste Clipboard" button because COMMAND+V is not working. Please note you can enter any license for any Autokroma product here (for example your license for AfterCodecs for Premiere Pro).

How to License AfterCodecs in Premiere Pro and Media Encoder

On PPro when you Export Media (CTRL+M) and on AME when you click on the Format name you'll get the Export Popup, where you'll find this on the top right:
AfterCodecs PPME
Just choose AfterCodecs in the list of Formats and click on the "Open AfterCodecs Settings" button! This is where you'll be able to configure your encoding, go in the "Settings" tab to be able to license your Autokroma products!
AfterCodecs Settings