BRAW Studio

Fully-featured Blackmagic RAW Importer plugins for Adobe CC

Main Features

The missing piece in your Blackmagic workflow

    Adobe Premiere Pro : Import and edit your .braw footages directly and natively with BRAW Studio for Adobe Premiere Pro !

    Adobe Media Encoder : re-encode and create proxies for your .braw

    Adobe After Effects : import your .braw and access all RAW params directly in AE interface and see the grading in live with our BRAW Studio Layer Settings

    BRAW Studio doesn't import .dng files

Fully featured

    Access the same RAW color parameters from DaVinci Resolve and Load / Save them thanks to .sidecar files. Using the official Blackmagic Color Science and Blackmagic RAW SDK

    Custom A/B to quickly compare your different RAW Parameters set

    20 Global Presets to store your RAW Params accross Projects and Premiere Pro / After Effects

    Premiere Pro Panel to import your .braw metadata in the Project Panel and also fix 23.97 fps timecodes

    Ability to use the LUT embedded in the .braw

Constantly updated

BRAW Studio is constantly updated with Blackmagic latest features : new cameras supported (Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and 6K, URSA Mini Pro G2), new RAW params added (color spaces, gammas, highlight recovery, embedded LUT), bug fixes, new features etc. All updates for the same version (1.X.Y) are free ! See our Changelog. You can update the same way you installed BRAW Studio.


Technical Specifications

BRAW Studio is comprised of three installed plugins (the Importer and two plugins to access the RAW Settings), adding a new format to be imported (.braw) to Adobe CC (Premiere Pro, Media Encoder and After Effects). In Premiere Pro, you can access the Blackmagic RAW params (Exposure, Color Balance, ISO, Contrast etc.) in the Master tab of each clip Effects window; there's also a BRAW Studio Panel that fixes NTSC timecodes and import your footages metadata (Panel UI is available in Window top menu -> Extensions). On After Effects you will need to use the BRAW Studio Layer Settings effect.


  • One license is for the same user on up to two computers not used at the same time

  • Mac OSX : 10.12 (Sierra) / 10.13 (High Sierra) / 10.14 (Mojave) / 10.15 (Catalina)

  • Microsoft Windows : version 7/8.1/10

  • Adobe CC 2017 to 2020 included (update to the latest version for CC2020 and After Effects support!)

  • CPU : at least SSE4.1 instructions set. Most CPUs before 2008 are not compatible (e.g. AMD Phenom II. AMD Phenom II X6 is not compatible !). Compatibility with Intel starts with Core 2 Penryn architecture in 2008

Known bugs:

  • Adobe timecode bug : Media Start timecode for NTSC footage(23.98 fps, 29.97fps) is wrong. This also mean you can\'t export Final Cut Pro XML and import the timeline into DaVinci Resolve. Please follow our article to solve this issue. Please note that this is an Adobe bug you will experience even with Blackmagic plugin ! Correcting timecode leads to a new bug : DO NOT RELINK .braw files that have a corrected timecode. Only "Relocate" them and untick the "Align Timecode" checkbox. More information in this article

  • If you need to use Replace Clip feature in Premiere Pro to change one of your source by another, there could be conflicts afterward with Source Settings (the ISO List could be wrong and the sidecar file will stay to its old path). However, after using Replace Clip, you can save your project, close and restart Premiere Pro and everything will be fine

  • Do not save/apply preset on the Source Settings, please read our article about alternative methods

Please use the 500 Frames Trial before buying and test the Blackmagic RAW plugin from Blackmagic Design


BRAW Studio for Adobe After Effects on Mac OSX (Blackmagic RAW importer plugin screenshot)
BRAW Studio for Adobe After Effects on Mac OSX (Blackmagic RAW importer plugin screenshot)
BRAW Studio for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder on Mac OSX (Blackmagic RAW importer plugin screenshot)
BRAW Studio for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder on Mac OSX (Blackmagic RAW importer plugin screenshot)

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