How to Install Blackmagic RAW (.BRAW) Player and Thumbnails for Windows and macOS

December 1st, 2022
Blackmagic Design website can be confusing so we have a special installer for you to easily install their Player and Thumbnails
The official BRAW SDK also install a free Blackmagic RAW Player for Windows Explorer and macOS Finder
macOS BRAW Player
As a bonus feature you will also get the Thumbnails preview : get the first frame preview directly for Windows Explorer and macOS Finder, instead of an empty unknown file icon.
macOS Finder BRAW ThumbnailsWindows Explorer BRAW Thumbnails

Why you should use our installer for BRAW Player

Blackmagic Design official support website can be hard to navigate to to get their BRAW Player. On top of that it will also install their PrPro plugin that will replace BRAW Studio (our BRAW importer, color grader and panel for Premiere Pro and After Effects), which will lead to conflicts in Premiere Pro if you already have BRAW Studio installed. That is why we created this page here to help you install their BRAW Player in a few clicks. Here are the links to our installers :
Once the .zip has been downloaded, extract it and run the .exe (Windows) or .pkg (macOS) that is inside and follow instructions. Do not forget this will uninstall BMD PrPro plugins, so if you already have them installed, you cannot use our installers.

Download from our Premiere Pro Panel Toolbox tab

You can also download this installer directly from our BRAW Studio Premiere Pro Panel : just go in the Toolbox tab and click "Get BRAW Player and Thumbnails". The same steps should be followed afterwards !

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