After months of hard work, we are thrilled to announce the release of
BRAW Studio Version 3.0
! This upgrade introduces several new major features, which we will introduce briefly in this article. If you are not familiar with BRAW Studio yet, check out our introduction article

BRAW Studio V3 Main Features

Here are our main features from our new V3 release. You can also find others improvements and changes in our changelog. You can update BRAW Studio to V3 as usual from our Download page.

BRAW Studio Desktop App

You can now play and edit your BRAW settings directly in our lightweight player! The desktop app also includes a BRAW Trim Tool and a custom LUT handler. For more information, check out this article.
Autokroma BRAW Studio Desktop Application Main View

White Balance Picker Tool

Pick a pixel in the BRAW image to automatically set the white balance (color temperature and tint) to a neutral look! Check out this article for more information.
Autokroma BRAW Studio White Balance Picker Main View

Premiere Pro Metadata Organizer Tool

Import your BRAW files and automatically classify them with Premiere Pro Bins based on their metadata: Reel/Scene/Take/Good Take. For more information, check out this article.
Autokroma BRAW Studio Metadata Organizer Premiere Pro

Introducing BRAW Studio Premium License V3

With the release of our latest major version, we're introducing a new licensing system : the Premium V3 license. This license is required to access BRAW Studio's Premium features in our plugins, the BRAW Studio Panel in Premiere Pro, and the new BRAW Studio Desktop App. You can find a complete list of premium and free features in this article.
Please note that
any registered BRAW Studio License V2 or V1 will not unlock premium features and is equivalent to using BRAW Studio in FRE mode
. To enjoy BRAW Studio's premium features, you'll need to upgrade to the new V3 license. However, if you already have a V2 license, you can upgrade at a discounted price. Details can be found in the links below.

Legacy versions of BRAW Studio

If you choose not to upgrade, you can still use the old BRAW Studio V2 version, but it will no longer be updated on newer Adobe product versions (last version we tested was Premiere Pro and After Effects 2023). You can download the old version here :
Note that you won't be able to unlock V2 Premium features with a new V3 license that you just bought
. You'll only be able to do that with a V2 Premium license. We strongly encourage you to update your system to use latest BRAW Studio V3 with all latest bugs fixes. If you can't, you will find a special store for V2 Premium licenses at the end of this article.
If you require even older legacy versions, please refer to this article.

Updating without a V3 License : what happens to my projects ?

Without a V3 license, you will only have access to BRAW Studio's FREE features. While your project in Premiere Pro will remain unaltered, you will not be able to grade your BRAW files with the BRAW Studio Panel or use our other advanced tools. In After Effects, any footage using the "BRAW Studio Layer Settings" effect will have a red cross. You can find more information about BRAW Studio FREE in this article.

I have a V2 Premium license, what are my options ?

You have three course of actions if you already have a V2 Premium License :
  1. (Recommended) Buy an upgade to V3 Premium (with a discount, see below), to get access to our new features (see above) and latest support
  2. Download BRAW Studio V3 and stay in FREE Mode, so you can import and decode Blackmagic RAW into Adobe for free, as well as share your projects with your colleagues, without any bugs and try the Premium features before you make your decision about purchasing the upgrade
  3. (Not recommended) Install the latest update of BRAW Studio V2 (see above) so you can stay in Premium without purchasing a new license, but without latest V3 features and latest support

Upgrading to a Premium V3 License

From V2 to V3 if you bought from

If you purchased your BRAW Studio V2 license from, you can easily upgrade by purchasing the upgrade license from there : Autokroma BRAW Studio Upgrade V2 to V3 Store. Once you've entered the new license in the Settings & License popup while your V2 license is registered (tutorial to retrieve your License and unlock BRAW Studio here), it will convert your licenses to a BRAW Studio V3 license.
Note : Licensing with an Upgrade License is only possible if you have previously registered a V2 license, so please do that first. If you don't have a V2 license, you must purchase the full product BRAW Studio V3 Premium (full price or discounted, see below).

From V2 to V3 if you bought from

For those who purchased their V2 license from, simply add BRAW Studio to your cart from this link while logged in with the account where you already purchased a V2 license, and the discount will be applied automatically. This allows you to get the upgrade license without paying the full price of BRAW Studio Premium V3, giving you access to all our new Premium features !
Note : Licensing with an Upgrade License is only possible if you have previously registered a BRAW Studio Premium V2 license (tutorial to retrieve your License and unlock BRAW Studio here), so please do that first.

From V1 to Premium V3 License

If you have an old V1 license bought from our website and wish to upgrade, please contact us. We offer a discount on the V3 license for customers with V1 licenses. Don't forget that if you have multiple V1 license, we already offer you the V2 version as explained in our V2 article. If you're in this case, simply enter all your V1 license (tutorial here), automatically you will be converted to a V2 license. Then you can follow the procedure above to Upgrade to V3 with an even bigger discount.
If you made the purchase on aescripts + aeplugins, please open directly a support ticket there on (because we can't process this request on our website contact page, but only on aescripts + aeplugins !).

With the release of BRAW Studio Version 3.0, we've added a host of new features and enhancements to our plugin. From the new BRAW Studio Desktop App and White Balance Picker tool to the Premiere Pro Metadata Organizer, Version 3.0 can offer something for every BRAW Users and not only the ones working in Adobe softwares.
If you're already a BRAW Studio user, we encourage you to upgrade to Version 3.0 today to take advantage of all the new features and improvements. And if you're new to BRAW Studio, we invite you to learn more about our plugin by checking out our introduction article.
As always, if you have any questions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you, contact us !

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