How to Reorder Tracks in Adobe Premiere Pro

January 20th, 2023
You can now Reorder Tracks in Premiere Pro !
For now Premiere Pro does not propose any solution to reorder your tracks contrary to other NLE such as Resolve.
We have developed a solution with PlumePack to allow you to perform this specific action.

With PlumePack

PlumePack is a Free Plugin from Autokroma with a Premium version.
With the Premium version you can access to a Toolbox with independent scripts to perform specific actions. Among them one can be used to reorder your tracks.

First Step : Install and License PlumePack

The first step is easy, close Premiere Pro, download and install PlumePack from our installer and follow the different steps.
The PlumePack Panel can then be found in the Premiere Pro top menu, under "Window" -> "Extensions" -> "PlumePack Panel".
To remove the restrictions of the Free version and use the Reorder Tracks feature you will have to purchase a license and register it. In order to do it, please follow this article.

Second Step : Use Reorder Tracks Feature

Go to PlumePack "ToolBox" tab, then in "Reorder your Sequence Tracks" section click on "Load Sequence Tracks" button.
LoadSequenceTracks ReorderTracks PremierePro
It will displays all tracks of your active sequence:
ReorderTracks Premiere Pro PlumePack Toolbox
Then reorder the tracks using the up and down buttons or by drag and dropping elements:
ReorderTracks PremierePro PlumePack Autokroma
When you have reproduced the order you want you can click on "Apply New Order" button, this will create a new project with tracks following your new order:
ApplyNewOrderButton ReorderTracks PremierePro PlumePack Autokroma

More features with PlumePack

PlumePack has a lot of other features like organizing your new trimmed project media structure, copying dependencies of your After Effects composition, and PlumePack can trim a lot of other codecs such as R3D RAW, ProRes, ProRes RAW, DNG, Image Sequence, DNxHD, HAP etc.
Check out this article to learn more about
PlumePack great features
Autokroma PlumePack Premiere Pro Premium Version

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