BETA for Autokroma Influx (All-in-one Importer for Adobe Premiere Pro, Media Encoder and After Effects)

September 30th, 2021
(Originally published on May 24th, 2021)
Try out our BETA for our new Importer plugin for Adobe CC video software !
Update May 24 2021
: BETA2 with support for Apple macOS 10.14+ !
Update September 13 2021
: BETA7 with support for Apple silicon !

What is Autokroma Influx ?

Autokroma Influx is our latest native plugin to let you import tons of new extensions, formats, containers, video and audio codecs directly inside Adobe Premiere Pro, Media Encoder and After Effects. Today we are releasing the first public free BETA of this project so you can test by yourself, for free, how it behaves on your computer.
For example you can import .MKV files with Influx, this container doesn't work natively with Adobe. Influx is based for now on ffmpeg codecs so a lot more of codecs and containers should be available for you. We're waiting for your feedback !

How to install and test Influx ?


Click here to download the official Influx installer for Microsoft Windows 10. Extract the .zip and launch the .exe installer like any other Autokroma plugin.
Click here to download the official Influx installer for macOS 10.14+ Intel. Extract the .zip and launch the .pkg installer like any other Autokroma plugin.
Screenshot Windows 00000 Influx Premiere Pro


0.8.0 ~ 30 September 2021
    * Autokroma Influx BETA8 :
        - Info available in our article
        - Support for Premiere Pro / Media Encoder 2019 onwards (v13+) and After Effects 2019 onwards (v16+)
        - Support for Microsoft Windows 10 and Apple macOS Intel v10.14 (Mojave) onwards as well as Apple silicon (the M1 CPU as of now), more information about Adobe plugins and Apple silicon and how to launch back Adobe apps in Intel mode in our article :
        - Adobe will try to use Influx if it cannot import a file natively, for example when a specific file or codec is not supported (even if the container is supported by Adobe it could fail)
        - Support for new .MKV .WEBM .AVI etc. containers on both Windows and maCOS as well as a lot of containers already supported by Adobe
        - Use Premiere Pro DogEars feature to confirm that Influx is being used to decode the files
        - Suffix your video files with .influx to import them with Influx instead of natively by Adobe, this way you will know for sure it's not Adobe decoding the files. Could be useful for troubleshooting Adobe and working around its bugs
    * Access our Influx Settings popup by :
        - Premiere Pro : right clicking on a project item and clicking "Source Settings…"
        - Media Encoder : right clicking on render queue item and clicking "Source Settings…"
        - After Effects : right clicking on a project item -> "Interpret Footage" -> "Main…" and clicking the "More Options…" button at the bottom
    * Contact us to tell us about your needs and send us your files !

How to changes settings of Influx in this BETA

You need to edit our Config.toml file yourself manually and change what setting you would like to edit (change between true and false). On Windows this file is on C:\Users\[ Your User Name Here ]]\AppData\Roaming\Autokroma\Influx\
debugLogs = true
disable = false
overrideAdobe = false

You can disable any setting by writing false instead of true. debugLogs = true will write debugging logs, it will be useful to send us those files for inspection and bug fixing. disable = true will disable completely importing files with Influx. overrideAdobe = true will force your Adobe application to use Influx even for files that are natively supported by Adobe, useful mostly for debugging but we recommend against using this option in production.

Premiere Pro's DogEars : how to check Influx is used for decoding

You can double check if Influx is decoding the footage by using Premiere Pro's DogEar feature :
  1. Press CTRL + F12 (Cmd + F12 on macOS)
  2. Copy paste this in the input that pops up and press enter: debug.set EnableDogEars=true
  3. Play the file or sequence and you should see now lots of information in the Preview Monitor about what is being decoded, included a mention of Influx if it is used
  4. To disable the messages you can do the same with debug.set EnableDogEars=false

What features do you need ? Tell us !

We hope to get early feedback from you ! If a file doesn't work, please contact us here and share the files with us (Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer etc.). If you had sucessful decoding of your current files we would like to hear from you too.
Screenshot Windows 00001 Influx After Effects

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