How to convert your project to BRAW Studio ?

by Nicolas on November 10th, 2020
How to convert your project started with the Blackmagic Plugin to BRAW Studio !
Because you are suffering of one of the numerous bugs of the Blackmagic Plugin, or because you just want to test BRAW Studio and use all its features, we explain here how to properly convert one of your project started with Blackmagic Plugin into a project using BRAW Studio.
Note that this feature is only available for Premiere Pro from version 12.1 (Premiere Pro CC 2018.1)

First Step : Install BRAW Studio

The first step is easy, close Premiere Pro, download and install BRAW Studio from our installer and follow the different steps.
We advise you to uninstall the Blackmagic Plugin when the installer will ask you this.
Do not open your project once BRAW Studio is installed ! Please follow the next steps before.

Second Step : Open an empty project and the BRAW Studio Panel

Open an new empty project in Premiere Pro.
You can find the "BRAW Studio Panel" at the top menu under "Window">"Extensions">"BRAW Studio Panel".

Third Step : Launch Conversion

Go to the "ToolBox" tab, and click on "Convert", then select your project started with the Blackmagic Plugin.
panel convertMain
Note : don't worry, we will export the converted project into a new .prproj file and let your original project untouched.
The process should begin and you should see a progress bar. It's time for your to take a coffee / make a break and let the magic happen ! The process could take some times bor the biggest project, like one hour maximum.
At the middle of the conversion, the new project converted will be automatically opened. If some Premiere Pro popup are displayed, please close them because the conversion process will be paused while the popup is opened. But after this, do not tuch your project and wait for the progress bar to finish !
panel convertProcessing
Once the conversion is finished, you should see this message (see picture below), and a result txt will tell you what the conversion did for the Source Settings.
panel endProcess

Fourth Step : Control Result Conversion

You can control what the conversion did to your project in the result txt exported, just by clicking on the link which will appear at the end of the process. The txt file should be opened in your classic texte editor.
In this result txt you will find details about the Source Settings parameters which have been transfered from the Blackmagic Source Settings effect to the BRAW Studio Source Settings effect.
Note that if you didn't grade any BRAW footage in Premiere Pro for this project, you should not care about the Source Settings conversion, and so you should not care about this result file conversion !
If the conversion for one Source Settings was successful, you can get the several messages :
  • "Source Settings were not initialized : Nothing to do" : This case happens if you never changed the BMD Source Settings effect, and so it should be not initialized, which mean that "Camera Metadata" was used to decode the BRAW file, and as it is the default value when loading the BRAW Studio Source Settings, nothing needs to be done.
  • "BMD DecodeUsing is set to CameraMetadata : Nothing to do" : This case happens if you let the BMD Source Settings effect "Decode Using" parameter at "Camera Metadata", for the same reason than the previous point, there is nothing to do.
  • A list of "[ParameterName] : [ParameterValue]" which indicate all the different values we found in the BMD Source Settings which have been set to the BRAW Studio Source Settings.
If you get errors in this conversion result, please contact us and send us your project ! Do not contact us for the errors described above, they are perfectly normal.

Et voilà !

You can now use your project with BRAW Studio ! You will just need to enter your license to unlock the full potential of BRAW Studio, you can see here how to do this.