PlumePack : Upgrading from Basic to Premium license

February 16th, 2021
See how to upgrade from PlumePack Basic to Premium License.
You already purchased a PlumePack Basic license and you want to upgrade your license to Premium? In this article you will learn how to do it.

Why should you update to PlumePack ?

Upgrading PlumePack from Basic to Premium will allow you to use the special "Trim" feature of PlumePack !
Trimming will remove the unused frames from your medias : you will get a lighter project and save disk space, without re-encoding so without any lost quality and by keeping your media codecs!

Info about Upgrading

If you have already purchased a license for PlumePack Basic and you want to upgrade to PlumePack Premium, you only need to pay the difference.
You cannot upgrade from Basic to Premium if you didn't license with a Basic license first. It cannot work. You need to enter both licenses.
If you don't have a Basic license you shouldn't buy an upgrade but you can buy the full product

If you bought from

If you bought your PlumePack Basic license on you can purchase a new
PlumePack Upgrade License To Premium From Basic
from there : Autokroma PlumePack Upgrade Store. All you'll need to do is to enter the new license in the Settings & License popup with a Basic license being registered, and it will then convert your licenses to a PlumePack Premium license.

If you bought from

Simply add PlumePack for Adobe CC in your cart from this link, being logged in the account where you already purchased a Basic license, and the discount will automatically be applied in the cart. You'll be able to get an upgrade license without paying the full price of PlumePack Premium, allowing you to use premium features!

Want to learn more on how works PlumePack?

Go read this article: Introduction to PlumePack

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