PlumePack is now FREE !

December 8th, 2021
PlumePack has now a Free version! A bug free alternative to the Project Manager. Learn more about our Change of Policy and the Free version in this article

What is going to change in PlumePack?

We know how much archiving and transferring project is important and we wanted to offer a reliable solution with PlumePack.
Now that PlumePack has almost 1 year we decided that we wanted to make a FREE version of PlumePack!
The current PlumePack Basic License will become FREE.
This will allow you to avoid Project Manager bugs and discover what PlumePack can do for you.
Autokroma PlumePack Premiere Pro Introduction Image

What features in PlumePack FREE?

PlumePack FREE is an improvement of the Premiere Pro "Project Manager" Collect & Copy feature:
  • Get rid of Project Manager "Unknown Error" bug
    . See "Project Manager Known Bugs and Limitations here".
  • Get a
    proper data structure
    : the output folder can be organized using
    Premiere Pro Bins structure
    Original Folder Structure on Disk
  • Better Support of AE Compositions.
  • Full Support of AEgraphics elements and their dependencies.
  • When selecting only a sequence to keep, it also keeps
    all nested sequences
You can find a detailed comparison between PlumePack and the Project Manager, in this article.
Autokroma PlumePack Premiere Pro Free Version

What features in PlumePack Premium?

PlumePack Premium License will allow you to
lossless Trim your files
, removing the unused frames, keeping the
same quality, codec, metadata and codec features
You will also have access to all new features to
your media and project in Premiere Pro.

What is happening for old Basic License users?

If you purchased a PlumePack Basic License, you will be able to access a special offer on the upgrade from Basic to Premium!
The upgrade will cost you
on the difference between the old Basic price and the current Premium price.
Autokroma PlumePack Premiere Pro Old Basic License

How to upgrade from old Basic License to Premium License with the special offer?

If you bought from

If you bought your PlumePack Basic license on you can purchase a new
PlumePack Upgrade License To Premium From old Basic
from there : Autokroma PlumePack Upgrade Store. All you'll need to do is to enter the new license in the Settings & License popup with a Basic license being registered, and it will then convert your licenses to a PlumePack Premium license.

If you bought from

Simply add PlumePack for Adobe CC in your cart from this link, being logged in the account where you already purchased a Basic license, and the discount will automatically be applied in the cart. You'll be able to get an upgrade license without paying the full price of PlumePack Premium, allowing you to use premium features!

What's next?

You tell us!
We have already planned a lot of features for this year, give us your ideas and advice by answering this Form.
How do you use PlumePack, what are your pain points? Contact us to tell us! We might find more solutions to your issues

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