What's next for PlumePack ?

December 19th, 2023
Let's revisit the milestones of PlumePack's journey thus far and explore our aspirations for the future.
PlumePack has come a long way, and the journey is far from over! Many exciting developments are on the horizon.
In this article, we will revisit the significant milestones in PlumePack's evolution and explore what lies ahead.
Note: If you are not familiar with PlumePack yet, check our introduction article !

PlumePack history

PlumePack started in February 2021 with the 1.0 version for both Windows and Mac. The release already featured a key functionality: Trimming without re-encoding for Blackmagic RAW, REDCODE R3D, ProRes, ProRes RAW, DNxHD, and Cineform, which are All-I Codecs without GOP.
Two months later in April 2021, version 1.1 was introduced, bringing support for Image Sequence trimming. Additionally, beta support was extended to the widely used H264 and H265 codecs, marking a significant stride into the realm of "GOP-Trimming." However, the effectiveness of this feature varied depending on the camera/recorder, settings, etc., and it became apparent that trimming these codecs posed a considerable challenge.
By July 2021, with version 1.2, PlumePack added support for Multiple Parts Trimming. Until this point, one original file was trimmed to one output file. For example by using only the beginning and the end of a file you ended up with the full file copied. With the introduction of multiple parts trimming, PlumePack took a significant step forward, enabling the trimming of one original file into multiple output files for enhanced disk optimization.
In December 2021, version 1.4 was released, making the Copy and Collect feature free (previously available with a lower-priced "Basic" license). This move aimed to assist users grappling with bugs in the Premiere Pro Project Manager and organizational issues by providing them a free access to PlumePack Collect and Copy.
June 2022 saw the launch of PlumePack 2.0, a release that not only improved processing time but also introduced features like a new final Data Structure mode, following the original media structure on disk. Additionally, the ability to trim Multicam Sequences and Nested Sequences based on the parent sequence use was introduced. A new toolbox tab featured several useful scripts, including the "Un-Merge" and "Trim Selected Items" tools.
In January 2023, version 2.1 focused on enhancing PlumePack's compatibility with Offline items and Proxies, offering users new workflow possibilities. A new Toolbox tool was also introduced to Re-Order Premiere Pro Tracks.
In August 2023, version 2.2 brought about a significant overhaul of the Trim Engine, specifically targeting long GOP codecs, such as H264 and H265. These codecs were officially taken out of beta after extensive improvements and bug fixes.
PlumePack whats next history

What's next for PlumePack ?

The future holds a multitude of possibilities for PlumePack!
Ideas include adding support for After Effects, creating a tool to transfer projects to Resolve, enabling the queuing of multiple PlumePack processes, the ability to run PlumePack outside of Premiere Pro in a desktop application, ...
While we can't tackle everything simultaneously, we value your input in deciding our priorities!
Please share your opinion and ideas by answering this Form. It only takes 2 minutes!
Alternatively, contact us directly by sharing your workflow and pain points. Together, we can explore ways to enhance your editing experience with PlumePack!

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