A new interface inspired from Lumetri and auto-updated with the current Selection

With its design which will remind you the Lumetri Panel, the BRAW Studio Panel gives you controls over your BRAW Source Settings with a pleasant interface.
No more need to click on the master tab each time you decide to tweek your BRAW Settings. Just select your footage in your Timeline or in the Project Panel and the Panel interface will be automatically updated with the selected element.
This new Panel works from Premiere Pro version 12.1 (second update of CC 2018), and so it doesn't work in CC 2017 and CC 2018 first update.
For Premiere Pro 2018.1 only, the selection from the timeline is a bit different. After selecting the braw file in the timeline, you need to click on the panel (anywhere) to update the Panel Selection.

Select multiple clips and batch apply Presets / Sidecar

If you select many clips at the same time (Timeline or Project Panel), the Panel will be in the "Multi-Selection Mode".
With this mode, you have several buttons available to apply what you want to the selected clips in one click !
So for every selected BRAW clips in one click you can :
  • Presets : Load and apply a preset
  • Sidecar : Save or load Sidecar next to the BRAW file
  • Set Camera Metadata values
  • Set BRAW Default values

Next and Previous buttons : a quick way to process BRAW files through the timeline

During the color grading stage, you can use the Prev and Next buttons to grade your BRAW footages one by one, following the time order in your timeline, without having to find the next BRAW to process.
With this tool, you will be sure to miss no BRAW files and improve your workflow by processing quicker all your BRAW footages.
NextPrevVideo betterQuality

"Set New Source" button to give a different color grading for the same .braw footage

The Source Settings are applied on the Source, so in Premiere Pro on a "Project Item". If you have 2 clips in your timeline which come from the same Project Item (for example after cutting a clip with the Premiere Pro Razor tool), both will be linked with the same Source Settings : if you change the Source Settings from one clip, the other one will be affected.
In order to have different Source Settings for the clips in your timeline which come from the same "Project Item", you need to duplicate the Project Item, replace the clip in your timeline. But the in/out points of the initial clip will be lost, as well as its speed settings, its scale, position, opacity and any effect on it.
That's why we made this new feature ! With the "Set New Source" button, you just need to select a clip in your timeline and click on the button. The original "Project Item" will be automatically duplicated without loosing any setting (It will keep the same footage interpretation, effects on the master tab, ..). You can find this new Project Item in the Project Panel, in a new Folder called "BRAW_Studio_Items". The clip in the timeline will be re-assigned to this new Project Item (Don't worry, the clip will also keep all its settings : speed, position, opacity, effects, ..). You can now set the Source Settings for this clip without having other clips affected !

Other features

Fix Selection

By clicking on the "Fix Selection button", the BRAW Studio Panel will not be updated with the timeline or project Panel anymore.
So it can be useful if you want to let the current selection in the panel "fixed" and not changed when you are working in your timeline.
Note that the Prev and Next buttons can still be performed.

Proxy Warning

Some users have been troubled when grading BRAW Files and using proxies. Indeed, once the proxy is exported, the Source Settings will have no effects on it. You will need to tweek the original Source Settings footage (and see the difference by disabling Proxies) and then export the proxy once again to apply the color grade changes.
For this little issue, if the selected BRAW in Panel has a proxy attached and the proxies are activated, you will see a this red message to warn you !
When seeing this red "(Proxy!)" message, you should turn proxies off if you want to change the Source Settings.

A better ColorTemp Slider

The color temperature slider was not pleasant to mofify, because a change in the range [2k - 10k] have more visual impact than the change in the range [10k - 50k]. With the Source Settings Panel we have changed this behavior and you should get a better feeling when changing this slider.

Undo / Redo in Panel

It was impossible to connect our Undo stack to the global Premiere Pro Undo stack, so both are separated.
There is no shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd + Z) for the Panel Undo, because this shortcut could be applied to the Premiere Pro Undo stack.
You will find the 2 buttons (Undo/Redo) at the top of the Panel.

Install, License and Trial

How to install / update to BRAW Studio v2

In order to install (or update) BRAW Studio V2, you just need to download and install the software with our installer.
You can find the BRAW Studio Panel at the top menu under "Window" -> "Extensions" -> "BRAW Studio Panel".

License and Trial

If you have already a license for BRAW Studio, please read this article to know how to upgrade to a Version 2 License.
Without a valid license for BRAW Studio Version 2.x, the panel will be in "Trial Mode". 20 minutes after your first change in the Source Settings Panel, it will become disabled and you will need to restart Premiere Pro if you want to test it more.
Note that this TRIAL Mode will begin only after the 15th June 2020. Before this day, there will be no TRIAL and the Source Settings Panel will work as if you had a license. We made this to let the current users who own a license for BRAW Studio v1 to test our Panel during 3 weeks before considering buying the upgrade.

Advise / Warning

Restarting Panel if you have a bug

If you find a bug, please send us the logs by activating them from Settings & License (button at the bottom), then reproduce your error and return to Settings & License to click on "Open Log Folder".
Otherwise, restarting the Panel could solve your current problem. For that no need to restart Premiere Pro. You just need to close the panel (see picture below) and relaunch it from the extension menu.

Using Source Settings from the BRAW Studio Panel and from the Effect Controls Panel

You should be able to use Source Settings in Effect Controls Panel and the BRAW Studio Panel in the same session without any problems (one time one, one time the other).
However, even if we tested it, we advise you to stay with the same controls to have the best experience possible : if you start changing params from the BRAW Studio Panel, then continue with it !

Project save indication

PPro doesn't change the top title to add a "*" inside (indicating that the Project is not saved) after you changed a setting in the panel.
Don't worry : if you save your project, the change will be saved, but you should not trust this indication and save your project even if you don't see this "*" in the title.

We want your feedback !

Do you like this new panel ? Is it helpful in your daily workflow ? What feature should we add to it ? Please send us your feedback !