PlumePack 2.0 is coming - Test the Open Beta !

May 2nd, 2022
We worked hard to release a ton of new features in PlumePack 2.0 ! We need your feedback on this before the official release !

PlumePack 2.0 is coming

We received a lot of feedback from PlumePack users (Thank You !) and prepared a new 2.0 version with a lot of exciting features !
No worries, Premium Licenses for PlumePack V1 will be still valid for PlumePack V2 for no additional cost.
The official release should come soon. We prefer to first launch an open Beta and start getting feedback on all those new features !

Test the Open Beta !

Here are the links to download and test the Beta ! Note that all Premium features need a Premium license also in this Beta.
We need feedback on all those new changes ! Do you need adjustments ? Maybe some of those new features could be improved ? Please contact us to give us your feedback !
Note : if you have any issue, please send us a bug report as well as instructed in this article.

Improvements on the Main PlumePack Process

  • Project Analysis has been greatly optimized and can be up to
    20 times faster
    , especially on big projects.
  • New Sequence Tree Structure
    in Analysis - Showing explicitly which sequences are taken into account and displayed as a "Tree" structure. You can also click on the timeline icon next to your timeline name to open it from there !
  • New Folder Structure in Analysis
    - Showing explicitly how the final structure will be after the PlumePack process depending on the option used.
  • The Analysis in the PlumePack Panel UI is now updated at the end of the process, so it is the same to look at the report txt file or directly look at the PlumePack Panel UI.
  • AE Comp Dependencies are not copied multiple times if referenced in different AE Comps linked to the same project.
  • For the 'One File Per Timeline Clip' mode, one timeline clip which can not be trimmed does not exclude other clips from the same media to be trimmed anymore.
Autokroma PlumePack Premiere Pro Improvements Version2 Beta

A New ToolBox Tab

We had some ideas for some scripts which could be not directly linked to the PlumePack process (or which could be used independently).
Instead of creating new products / panel with those scripts, we decided to put them inside the PlumePack Panel into a new Tab !
Here is the list of those new scripts :
  • Trim Selected Items
    : A quick tool to trim a selected timeline clip, import the trimmed file and replace the selected timeline clip automatically.
  • UnMerge
    : Reverse the "Merge Clip" process on your Project Items ! The Timeline clips from the original Merged Clips will be linked to new Media Project Items automatically created. Can be applied on the whole project or just on selected Project Items.
  • Rename Tape Name metadata using Filename
    : Modify all or a selection of Project Items "Tape Name" metadata to match the filename. Useful for relinking Media when the filename changed, especially after a PlumePack process !
  • Add Space Before Clips
    : Add X frames before all timeline clips in a sequence (or just selected ones)
Those scripts require a PlumePack Premium license.
Autokroma PlumePack Premiere Pro Toolbox Version2 Beta

New Main PlumePack Process Options

  • Give each Media a Unique Filename
    : Make sure every copied or trimmed Media has a Unique Filename in the consolidated project (without extension), even if not in the same final folder.
  • Remove Unused parts of Nested Sequence
    : Clean unused part of nested sequences. If trimming is enabled and clips are used only partially, they are trimmed accordingly.
  • Remove Unused parts of Multicam
    : Clean unused part of Multicam sequences. If trimming is enabled and clips are used only partially, they are trimmed accordingly.
  • Data Structure Mode: Original Folder Structure on Disk
    : Organize your final media disk structure based on the original folder structure of your media.
  • Data Structure Mode: Flat Data Structure
    : Put all the copied and trimmed media in the same folder.
  • Cut Timeline Clip if needed for Disk Optimization
    : Export and cut a Media timeline clip used at different parts from a parent sequence into different parts. Especially useful when working with Multicam sequences !
  • Media Root SubFolder Name
    : Choose a custom Folder Name for the Media Root Folder located next to the new PlumePacked prproj file.
  • Place All Media into Root SubFolder
    : Create a Media Folder next to the new PlumePacked project and put every media inside.
  • Filename - Use Project Panel Item Name
    : Use the Premiere Pro Project Panel Item name as filename for the new PlumePacked Media.
  • Include Proxies
    : Copy and Replace Proxies of Media kept during the PlumePack process in a separate folder.
Autokroma PlumePack Premiere Pro Process Options Version2 Beta

A new way of working with Offline Clips in PlumePack

  • If a media has offline and online Project Items, the offline clips are ignored and not replaced during the PlumePack process. The online clips are trimmed and not excluded anymore from trimming.
  • The offline clips are not copied anymore by PlumePack, even if found on disk.
  • Offline clips project items are removed from the project if the option 'Remove Unused Project Item' is enabled, even if used in timeline (timeline clips from offline media are removed).
  • If those new behaviors break your workflow, please contact us so we could find a solution here like adding new special options for this.

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