How to License BRAW Studio and access Premium features

April 16th, 2019
In this article you'll learn how to access the Settings and License of BRAW Studio in order to license it and access its Premium features !

How to Install

Installer BRAW Studio Windows
Installer BRAW Studio MacOS 2

BRAW Studio FREE vs. Premium

You now have access to all features from BRAW Studio FREE ! You also have Premium features in TRIAL mode, you can read more information about BRAW Studio FREE vs. Premium in this article. Please note you don't necessarily need a Premium license, as explained in the article linked you can import and decode Blackmagic RAW with your FREE version just fine, you are not forced to use our Premium features. If you get a TRIAL popup alert it means you're using BRAW Studio PrPro Panel Premium features, like this :
5 How
Here are the steps to unlock Premium features with your paid license :

Retrieve License after Purchase

You need to retrieve your license and enter it into BRAW Studio to unlock its Premium features, otherwise BRAW Studio will stay in FREE mode. If you bought it here on this website you should have received the code on the purchase confirmation page and by email ; for example it would look like this :
FastSpring BRAW
Your license key will be in bold blue text as seen above, please copy it and move on to the next step.
If you can't find this email we sent you with the license, you can
request we send you again the license
on this page.
If you bought it on aescripts + aeplugins (a different reseller than our website here), please follow this article.

How to License BRAW Studio Premium

In order to remove the BRAW Studio Panel TRIAL Mode, you'll need to enter your license in the "Settings & License" popup ! Please read this article to know how to open this popup. Then :
  1. In the Settings tab you can paste the license you copied at the first step. If you're on Mac macOS you can use the "Paste Clipboard" button because COMMAND+V is not working.
  2. Click the Activate button. Please note you can enter any license for any other Autokroma product here
  3. Click OK and restart Premiere Pro : the PrPro Panel shouldn't be in Trial mode anymore, you should be able to access Premium features
BR License from desktop

The BRAW Studio Panel BRAW Settings tab

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