How to License BRAW Studio and access RAW Params

by Antoine on April 16th, 2019
In this article you'll learn how to access the Settings and License of BRAW Studio in order to license it and remove the trial limitations !

How to Install

Download and follow instructions from this page and only tick the BRAW Studio checkbox if you're not interested in our other plugin AfterCodecs.
Installer BRAW Studio Windows 1
Installer BRAW Studio MacOS 1
Here are the steps after downloading the plugin and testing the free trial :

Retrieve License after Purchase

The first step after purchasing BRAW Studio (Blackmagic RAW Importer plugin) or even AfterCodecs (Another plugin we develop that lets you export in new codecs) is to retrieve your license. If you bought it here on this website you should have received the code on the purchase confirmation page and by email; for example it would look like this :
FastSpring BRAW
Your license key will be in bold blue text as seen above, please copy it and move on to the next step.
If you bought it on aescripts + aeplugins, a different reseller, please follow this article.
In order to remove the BRAW Studio 500 frames import trial limit, you'll need to license it in the Settings popup : this is where you'll also find the BRAW Studio global settings (such as writing logs).

How to License BRAW Studio in Premiere Pro

You can also license BRAW Studio directly from Premiere Pro by following these steps :
  1. Import a .BRAW file
    BRAW Studio MainImage
  2. Open the BRAW Studio Source Settings : add the new clip to a timeline (or create a new sequence from the clip and open the new timeline created), then go to Effects Options panel, and you will see two tabs at the top. Source Settings will be the first tab prefixed "Masterclip".
    BRAW Studio SourceSettings Settings WhereToFind
    This is where you'll be able to change all the RAW import parameters for your .BRAW clips and change the way they are interpreted by BRAW Studio (see top left of the above image)
  3. In the BRAW Studio Source Settings, just click on the "Settings & Licensing" button
BRAW Studio Popup Settings WhereToFind
  1. In the Settings tab you can paste the license you copied at the first step. If you're on Mac OSX you can use the "Paste Clipboard" button because COMMAND+V is not working.
  2. Click the Activate button. Please note you can enter any license for any Autokroma product here
  3. Click OK and restart Premiere Pro and you shouldn't be in Trial mode anymore
  4. Please empty your media cache just in case you still have the 500 frames trial image in the cache : How to clean (delete or trash) media cache files?
BR License from desktop

How to License BRAW Studio in Media Encoder

You can enter your BRAW Studio license inside BRAW Studio for Desktop or Premiere Pro. As long as you restart Media Encoder that license should carry over. If you want to do it from Media Encoder here's how :
In Adobe Media Encoder, all you have to do is import a .BRAW file into your render queue, click right and select "Source Settings..." and the same BRAW Studio Settings popup will be displayed (see image above). Please note that it won't work with a PPro project, only for a .BRAW file.
BRAW Studio Popup Settings WhereToFind MediaEncoder
Now that you restarted Premiere Pro & Media Encoder and emptied your media cache you can finally edit and re-encode your .BRAW !

How to License BRAW Studio in After Effects

Please read our article about BRAW Studio for After Effects to learn how to access the Layer Settings as well as the Settings & License button.
You can also access the Popup by going into the Interpretation of your .braw and clicking "More Options".

Don't forget our BRAW Studio application!

A third option to License BRAW Studio, or any Autokroma plugin (AfterCodecs for example) is to use BRAW Studio for Desktop.
You just need to double click on the BRAW_Studio.exe ( on Mac) which is located in the MediaCore folder, next to the BRAW Studio plugins :
  • Windows : C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore\Autokroma BRAW Studio
  • Mac : /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/7.0/MediaCore/Autokroma BRAW Studio
reportBug mediacoreFolderWinScreen
BR License from desktop
If you still see the TRIAL images, please empty your media cache just in case you still have 500 frames trial image in the cache : How to clean (delete or trash) media cache files?