Importing Blackmagic RAW (.BRAW) in PluralEyes - Syncing audio for editing in Premiere Pro

by Antoine on June 24th, 2019

How to import .BRAW in Red Giant Shooter PluralEyes in order to sync the audio of your footages with Adobe Premiere Pro ?

PluralEyes lets you easily sync the audio of your footages together. If it's already part of your workflow and now want to use it along with Blackmagic RAW .BRAW files, there's a way ! Please follow these steps :
  1. Rename footages extensions from .braw to .mov. If you have too many clips batch-renaming software are available

  2. Import your BRAW footage, now suffixed .mov, along with any other supplementary footage or audio, into PluralEyes and sync as usual. Plural Eyes will not be able to view the video but it will recognize the audio PCM tracks anyway and will be able to sync it as any other supported video

  3. Then in PluralEyes, export then .xml with the synced timeline for Premiere Pro as usual

  4. Edit with a text editor the .xml exported, using the “search and replace” function to replace all .mov with .braw

  5. Go back to the footages folder and rename back to .braw all the footages that were previously renamed .mov in 1.

  6. Open Adobe Premiere Pro and import the .xml like you always do and you will have a synced timeline with Blackmagic RAW .BRAW footages. This will only work if you use our BRAW Studio plugin for Premiere Pro, check it out!

The trick is working in 2. because Blackmagic RAW file structure is based on the MOV / MP4 format and the audio is a simple WAVE (Uncompressed Linear PCM). Of course it can't read the video tracks but it's not useful for Plural Eyes.

Thanks to Marcello Mazzilli for this useful trick. Happy editing !

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