Vizual PixelPerfect : Upscale your Pixel Art with Nearest Neighbors in Premiere Pro for FREE !

July 30th, 2021
Discover our new pack of filters for Adobe CC that brings you FREE pixel art upscaling algorithms for Premiere Pro and After Effects
Todya we are releasing a new free product, Autokroma Vizual, which comprises of one visual effect plugin for Adobe CC Premiere Pro and After Effects. As you might know, pixel art upscaling (resulting in blocky images, to show old images and sprites for example) isn't natively possible in Premiere Pro. Users need to work around Premiere Pro's limitations and this process takes a little bit more time. Here is an example of Adobe UserVoice where users are asking for this feature :
Screenshot Windows 00000 Vizual PixelPerfect Premiere Pro
To solve this issue we came up with a new effect plugin called PixelPerfect, that lets you do that easily in a few clicks ! To use, simply download and install from the Download page of Vizual just like all our others Autokroma plugins (AfterCodecs, BRAW Studio, PlumePack, Influx etc.). Once installed you will find the "Vizual PixelPerfect" effect in the "Autokroma" category of Premiere Pro and After Effects. Check the compatibility of your system and software first !
Don't forget that for now PixelPerfect will allocate the whole upscaled frame. If you require more advanced features and to only zoom in a subpart of the image without allocating the whole frame, please contact us !
More information in our Overview page and the changelog page.
    * Launch of Autokroma Vizual with our first free effect PixelPerfect :
        - Pixel Art upscaler for Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 (v14+) and After Effects (v17+) 2020 and above
        - Nearest Neighbor algorithm (gives the square look, well suited for Pixel Art), Linear interpolation algo and Nearest algo with Antialiasing controllable with the Edge Blur slider
        - GPU Acceleration (Metal on macOS, CUDA and OpenCL on Windows) on After Effects
        - Upscales from the center of the original image on Premiere Pro, and on After Effects upscales from your layer anchor point (don't forget it is expressed in the original resolution)
        - For now allocates the whole upscaled frame (for example if you zoom x4 on an 1080p frame it will allocate 8K frames)
        - This filter is FREE !
        - Contact us for bugs and features request
Screenshot Windows 00005 Vizual PixelPerfect After Effects

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