From PlumePack version 2.1, we added some parameters and improvements for projects with proxies ! Let's explain this here in details.

What is a "Proxy" ?

If you don't know enough about proxies, you should check this other article, which should give you more details about how to use proxies in Premiere Pro and how to work with.

Include Proxies to your PlumePack Project Consolidation

If you turn on the "Include Proxies" option (in PlumePack Advanced Copy Settings), proxies should be copied to the new project location in a dedicated folder. Those new proxy files will also be re-attached to the original Project Items.
Note that
it is only available for Copy
! When trimming, all trimmed proxies will be detached from the project.
Autokroma How To Use Proxy Premiere Pro PlumePack Consolidation Options

What if my main Original files are Offline and I only edit with Proxies ?

PlumePack generally ignores Offline clips (no copy, no trim, no replacement), except when a proxy is attached and "Include Proxies" is enabled !
In that case, only the proxy will be copied to the new PlumePack folder and attached to the offline clips.
So if you are an editor working on a project with only proxies and not original footages, you can PlumePack your project (only Copy, not trimming !) with proxies : it will remove unused proxies depending on your "Filter" PlumePack options, but also gather all used media files (so proxies in that case, but maybe other additional files added later on) in the same final folder before sending the PlumePack project where original files will be relinked easily.

What if my main Original files are not Offline but I still want to copy only proxies ?

We also have an option for that ! Just us the Proxies Copy Mode Option "Copy Only Proxy and if not attached, do NOT copy main Media" checkbox !
Note that
if you are using this option and if a media does not have proxy attached, it will not be copied !

What if not all my media have proxies attached but I still want them to be copied ?

If you want to be able to copy proxies when there is a proxy attached to the main media but also main media when it has no proxy attached then you should use the Proxies Copy Mode Option "Copy Only Proxy and if not attached, copy main Media instead"

What if I want to copy both Main Media and Proxy attached ?

Then you should use the Proxies Copy Mode called "Copy Main Media and Proxy if attached".

Please contact us if you have some workflow you would want to improve with PlumePack ! (With proxies or other !)

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